frequently asked questions

  • What size and type of marquee will I need?
    This will depend on the use, table layout, type of surface and what additional areas are required (dance floors, bar areas, catering areas etc). All the marquees we use offer flexible modular/linked solutions and can be added to. Styles vary so we can create a look which blends into the surroundings or alternatively stands out as the centre feature of your event. With this in mind we provide free of charge no obligation site visits using our experienced staff to discuss your individual requirements.
  • What can you tell me about the marquees?
    The marquees are fully waterproof and are fixed using either stakes or weights. All marquees can be used on either grass or hardstanding. The sidewalls, extensions, walkways, windows and doors are all compatible to the type of marquee being used. Diamond white is the standard exterior colour with interior and roof linings available in a variety of styles and colours. The marquee and equipment will be clean and ready for use.
  • Will I need matting or carpeting?
    It depends on the weather, the type of event and the condition of the grass. Most weddings require matting or carpeting, but many more events work well without ground floor covering. In some instances we will use either a plastic or wood subfloor with carpet overlaid.
  • Will I require heaters?
    Heaters will generally only be required early or late in the summer season. However, the English weather can be changeable, it is worth considering a backup heater, which can be used if the sidewalls do not retain enough natural heat.
  • What electrical supply will be required for heating and lighting?
    Either a standard 240V supply, we will provide circuit breakers and waterproof junction boxes, or a power supply through a generator that we can hire to you if a 240v power source is not available or is insufficient to meet all the supply demands (catering, lighting, entertainment equipment etc).
  • Will I need a toilet unit and what are the sizes?
    This depends on personal preference, many events use toilets available in house or adjacent building. If you decide to hire a toilet unit we offer 3 sizes that only need a 240v electrical supply. Water supply and waste disposal is all contained within the unit.
    • 1+1 - Capacity approx 100 people, based on two individual toilets, usually used as one ladies and one gents
    • 2+1 - Capacity approx 200 people, based on two ladies toilets, one gents and two urinals
    • 3+1 - Capacity approx 300 people, based on three ladies toilets, one gents and two urinals
    All units have flushing toilets, hot water, hand soap, towel/tissue dispensers, air freshener, mirrors & pedal bins.
  • Do I need to book far in advance?
    The period from Easter to October is the busiest time for the marquee hire industry. Many customers book up to a year in advance. To make sure you are able to secure your preferred dates and for us to provide a professional service, we suggest you book well in advance of your event and after you have received your quotation. However if you have a last minute requirement, call us and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request.
  • What is the hire period?
    This will be identified on the quotation and is normally for 1 day. However, we are flexible and if you have a back-to-back event the following day we will try to provide the marquee for the second day at no extra cost. This is subject to prior agreement, so it is important to make your request well in advance. In addition, depending on the size of the event, site access and working with other contractors we will always try to have the marquee erected at least 1 full day in advance (you do not pay for this day). Under normal circumstances we will take the marquee down the day following the event (weather permitting). We always try to clear the site at the earliest convenient time.
  • How much damage will a marquee do to my garden or site?
    We will try to take every care not to cause unnecessary damage. It is important that grass is cut short to facilitate erection and provide a flat internal ground surface. During the summer months the grass may discolour where a marquee has been placed, depending on how long the marquee has been up and how much use the grass area has received. We will comb the site for litter before leaving. Please make sure all other contractors understand their responsibility to clear their rubbish and remove all equipment before we arrive to dismantle the marquee.
  • Do you support local groups and charities?
    Yes. Depending upon availability of our marquees we are able to offer a subsidised rate to charities and local groups with charitable interests.
  • Will I need a drinks/entertainment licence?
    In general terms, you will only need a licence if you are intending to charge for alcoholic drinks. It is always worth checking with your local authority. If you do require a drinks licence, you or the people running your bar should apply for this from the local magistrates office.
  • Do I need public liability or event insurance?
    Firstly, it is important to make sure you have checked with all contractors their status and insurance cover. Sherwood Marquees has Public and Products Liability insurance to a limit of £5million and Employers Liability insurance to a limit of £10million. However the customer is responsible for the company’s equipment during the hire period and may feel it necessary to arrange insurance accordingly with its existing or a specialist insurer. Sherwood Marquees do charge a Accidental Damage Waiver Fee, included in the price you pay, the customer will remain responsible for and will indemnify the company against any loss or damage resulting from their negligence or legal liability. Full details are provided within our Terms and Conditions supplied with every quotation. Theft or loss of goods is specifically excluded from the Accidental Damage Waiver Insurance.
  • What is the payment and cancellation policy?
    We require a non-refundable deposit of 15% of the total prices and charges with confirmation of your order. The remaining 85% is due 10 days before the delivery date. If you need to cancel your arrangements we offer a refund policy and will also try to accommodate any alternative dates you may wish to book.
  • What if I need assistance during the event?
    We offer a 24 hour call-out service, details will be provided with confirmation of your booking.